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The General Secretariat

Located in Abidjan since its creation, the General Secretariat of the AADFI is an Execution organ. Tasks normally performed by the Secretariat of the Institution include :

- The day to day Association's administration;
- Convening the Executive Committee and/or General Assembly;
- Organizing Conferences, Symposia and other meetings at the request of the Executive Committee;
- The preparation and distribution of various publications;
- Managing the Association's finances under the supervision of the Executive Committee.

The Head of the Secretariat is the Secretary General, who is also the Secretary and ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. There had since been a total of ten Secretaries-General provided by the ADB from its directorate-level personnel, namely Misters :

1. G.R.  Aithnard (1974-1977),
2. H.  Meliane (1977-1978),
3. J.B.  Ansoada (1978-1981),
4. P.  William (1981-1983),
5. J.S.  Apithy (1983-1987),
6. G.  Henry Andrews (1987-1990),
7. M. O Cheikh-Sidia (1990-1994).

Since the Association became autonomous after 18 years of ADB tutelage, it has appointed successively three Secretaries-General, namely Misters :

8. J. A. Hammond (1994-1997),
9. M. Wade (1997-2001)

 and the current incumbent, J. A. Amihere (2001 to date).

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