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Professional Certificate Programme in Development Finance -Foundation Level

   02 - 11 October 2017     

  Midrand, South Africa        English        Register now

Professional Certificate Programme in Development Finance -Foundation Level

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Program Overview

It is a consensus that addressing the challenges of development in Africa call for a holistic approach of which building desired capacity in development financing is pivotal. Fundamentally, achieving the development agenda- SDGs, the Agenda 2063 and the AfDB High 5s for Africa, would require development finance skills in mobilizing and channeling resources in an optimal manner to critical sectors.

Development finance is a complex field that requires core skills to navigate, especially in the light of the changing financial environment, the risks associated with the sector finance, and given the growing demand from resource providers and stakeholders for higher developmental impact from development financing activities. . Furthermore, the application of the AADFI Prudential Standards, Guidelines and Rating System (PSGRS) in DFIs and the results of the Rating & Peer Review of DFIs with the PSGRS recommended the need for comprehensive professional capacity-building in development finance.

It is against this background that AADFI and its partners are scaling up capacity-building intervention with the introduction of a “Professional Certificate Programme in Development Finance”. The programme is designed to enhance knowledge and build core professional skills required by officials in development finance institutions and other organizations involved in delivering services for development projects towards achieving the development agenda in Africa. The programme will provide broad understanding of the challenges, expectations and prospects in development financing, and will upscale skills in delivering innovative development finance services, mobilization of resources, modern approach to project management, lending procedure among others.

Learning Objectives

 Provide comprehensive understanding of the current perspectives, expectations and practices in development financing,
 To develop professionals, build and upscale core skills and competences in development banking and finance operations, that will ensure greater success of project promoted and financed,
 To grow the capacity of financial institutions in development financing (DFIs, commercial banks and other financial institutions) as efficient collaborator with AfDB and other Multilateral Development Finance Institutions in promoting financing of development projects in Africa.
At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
• Demonstrate good understanding and knowledge of development finance operations and practices,
• Understand and successfully carry out micro and term-lending operations,
• Perform detailed risks analysis of development financing activities in relation to projects ,
• Demonstrate ability to nurture and support projects and entrepreneurs to success.

Who should attend?

- Officers from Development Banks & Finance Institutions (DFIs),
- Commercial Banks,
- Investment Banks,
- Capital Market ,
- Microfinance Institutions,
- Central Banks,
- Ministries of Finance,
- Budget & Planning ,
- Agriculture and Rural Development.

Training Methodology

This Foundation Level course is structured as a 10-day intensive learning activity that will involve an integrated learning approach including plenary sessions, case-studies, group exercise & discussions, role play, term paper, participants’ presentations and project visits, to facilitate learning and help understand development finance operation, generate ideas and solutions to address the needs of the sector.

For optimal interaction with the trainers, the Class size will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

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