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Workshop on Mastering Lease Financing for SMEs

   13 - 17 November 2017     

  Lagos-Nigeria        English        Register now

Workshop on Mastering Lease Financing for SMEs

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Program Overview

Leasing has emerged over the years as a successful method for financing business activities including SMEs. Lease finance is very similar to the conventional lending, as such, the lessor (lender) is as concerned with the capability of the lessee (borrower) to repay.

The Leasing Finance training is designed to sharpen skills on lease financing, its approach and procedures. Participants will improve skills in conducting due diligence for lease transactions from origination to termination, understand the legal issues and accounting practices involved. By the end, the participants will upscale skills in appraisal of lease finance and be able to structure lease transactions.

Program Content

- Fundamentals of Lease Financing
- Lifecycle of a Lease Transaction
- Appraisal of Lease Finance Request
- Due diligence in lease financing
- Structuring a Lease transaction
- Documentation of Lease Transaction
- Legal Consideration and Lease Agreement
- Product development
- Risk Assessment & Management
- Monitoring
- Lease Accounting

Who should attend?

Analysts, Loan Officers, Credit Analyst, Business Development, Compliance, Marketing, Finance and Audit officials, In-house Legal Counsel, and those interested in enhancing knowledge in lease finance.

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